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In four team races, female canoeists to a London 2023 medal



Canoeists fourth, kayakers fifth and kayakers sixth

The World Championships in wild water slalom on the Olympic course in London started with a medal for Slovenia. Canoeists Eva Alina Hočevar, Alja Kozorog and Lea Novak won the bronze medal in the team race, while the other three teams were left without one.

Eva Alina Hočevar, Alja Kozorog and Lea Novak took care of the first ever Slovenian medal in the team races of canoeists.

At the first final decision of the WC in kayak-canoe in London, the Slovenian women came in 3rd place in a close fight for medals, beating the Spanish women by 40 hundredths, while the silver medal won by the Czechs slipped away by 67 hundredths. .

The title of world champions was won by the hosts, the British women Mallory Franklin, Kimberley Woods and Ellis Miller, who were 2.87 faster than the Slovenian women without a mistake.

Female canoeists, team
Ranking A competitor Country The result
1 Franklin/Woods/Miller United Kingdom 112.45 (0)
2 Satkova/Fišerova/Kneblova Czech Republic 114.55 (0)
3 E. Hočevar/Kozorog/L. Novak Slovenia 115.32 (2)

The canoeists were left empty-handed

In the team race of canoeists, the Slovenians came last as the defenders of last year’s title, but were left without the expected medal in fourth place. They are behind the Italians Benjamin Savšek, Luka Christmas and Stamped by Lin Hočevar behind by 1.15 seconds. The victory was decided by three hundredths, by which the Frenchmen Lucas Roisin, Jules Bernardet and Nicolas Gestin overtook the British.

Female canoeists, team
Ranking A competitor Country The result
1 Gestin/Bernardet/Roisin France 99.17 (0)
2 Burgess/Westley/Kettle United Kingdom 99.20 (0)
3 Colazingari/Ivaldi/Ceccon Italy 100.31 (0)
4th place Savšek/Christmas/Ž. Hočevar Slovenia 101.46 (0)

The Slovenian kayakers started last but not least, because last year they won silver, but with a mistake they fell too far behind to get involved in a close three-way battle for medals. Eva Terčelj, Ajda Novak and Eva Alina Hočevar won the 5th place with a gap of 3.87, while all the medals were decided by only 40 hundredths of a difference, by which the Australian women overtook the Spanish and British women.

Ranking A competitor Country The result
1 Fox J./Fox N./Eckhardt Australia 108.62 (0)
2 Chourraut/Sorribes/Arregui Spain 108.91 (2)
3 Franklin/Woods/Spicer United Kingdom 109.02 (4)
5th place Terčelj/A. Novak/E. Hočevar Slovenia 112.49 (2)

Peter Kauzer, Martin Srebotnik and Žiga Lin Hočevar started at the beginning among as many as 26 teams, led for a long time, but in the end they landed in sixth place, more than three seconds behind the medals. Without fail, the Czechs celebrated before the French and the Poles.

Ranking A competitor Country The result
1 Sprinkler/Prindiš/Krejči Czech Republic 91.76
2 Neveu/Castryck/Renia France 92.99
3 Polaczyk/Pasiut/Popiela Poland 95.23
6th place Kauzer/Srabotnik/Ž. Hočevar Slovenia 98.70

It is broadcast on TV Slovenija at the end of the week

Lee Valley, the venue for the London 2012 Olympics, hosted all four team events on Tuesday. The following days in London will bring preliminaries in individual categories. You will be able to watch the final fights on Friday, Saturday and Sunday in live broadcasts on TV Slovenija.

Source: Rtvslo

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