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INDES provides air tickets to El Salvadoran team to participate in beach tournament in Italy



Yamil Boucle, director of El Salvador’s National Institute of Sports (INDES), confirmed the participation. Two El Salvadoran teams participate in the Beach Soccer World Winners Cup for the second year in a row This time, it will be held in Alghero, Italy from September 26th to October 1st.

This time, the women’s and men’s national teams will be as follows. santiago bar, Winner of the Beach Soccer League CEL Cup 2022. The women’s team will be participating for the second consecutive year. After finishing third in Cagliari last year.

The men’s team will be competing in the World Winners Cup for the first time, but as they did last year, it is now the turn of La Piraya, the reigning champions of the first edition of the LFP 2021 and runners-up in Cagliari.

The participation of the national team in this event of sporting relevance is made possible thanks to the cooperation agreement signed by El Salvador’s National Institute of Sport (INDES) and Beach Soccer Worldwide (BSWW) and the fulfillment of its commitments. I did. Yamil Bukele, honorary president of the institution, presented the champions of each edition of the LFP.

“The team will travel to Italy and all expenses will be covered by INDES. This confirms the support we have given beach soccer since our arrival in 2019 as the national sports governing body. ” Bukele emphasized.

Similarly, the INDES President reiterated how proud he is to support the two LFP teams that have proven to be highly competitive at international level.

“We wish you all the best of luck. We take great pride and satisfaction in seeing you all competing in such relevant events and traveling to become the best player in the 2022 edition of the Beach Soccer League. I feel that way,” said the INDES president.

Meanwhile, Homer Velasquez, coach of both Barra de Santiago teams, said: He expressed his gratitude to the INDES authorities for the unconditional support they are receiving to participate in this Club World Cup.

“It is an honor to be here again representing Barra de Santiago. Last year it was held only with the women’s team, but this time it will be held with both, so it will be a good opportunity as it is home to the beach soccer team. I look forward to the presentation,” Velasquez said.

Regarding the team’s goals, the strategist said that playing with a winning mentality is essential as they hope to remain one of the best teams in the region.

“Last year we were in 3rd place with a one-point difference, so from now on we will try to work together from the beginning and achieve one game at a time.While on the men’s team, we played almost two games a day. We have a good group of players who already know each other well on the field, and we’re going to showcase that and the good football we play,” Homer explained.

This tournament will feature the best teams in the world. For the women, nine athletes will be divided into three groups, and for the men, 32 athletes will be divided into eight groups.

On the women’s side, Barra de Santiago is in Group C along with BSC Mriya-2006 (Ukraine) and BSZ Ladies (Netherlands). On the men’s side, Barra de Santiago will be in Group F, with rivals Artur Music BSC (Ukraine), Pofos FC (Cyprus) and Cali BCS (USA).

The Barra de Santiago women’s team consists of Beatriz Argumedo, Beatriz Cerritos, Daniela Rivera, Emilia Guevara, Emery Perez, Alison Perez, as well as Marisa González (ESA), Monique Levenlow ( USA), Heidi Grijalva (CR), Stephanie Berrios (ESA), Fatima Perez (ESA), Yahaira Maravilla (ESA).

The men’s team is represented by Eric Najera, Wilbur Navarrete, Frank Velasquez, Heber Ramos, Darwin Ramirez, Rafael Arana, Andersson Castro, Rudy Lara, Yosimar Martinez, Jason Urbina (ESA), and Tanner.・Became Akol (USA). Andres Osorio (ESA) as a reinforcement

The coaching staff consists of Homer Velasquez, Vladimir Avalos, Antonio Cruz and Jairo Rivera.

It is worth noting that as of this year, several Salvadoran teams have already entered the world rankings of beach soccer. In the last update on August 29th, La Piraya team was in 4th place in the men’s competition with 1,550 points, while Barra de Santiago was in 12th place with 1,000 points.

In the women’s division, Barra de Santiago is in fourth place with 1,550 points. Below are BS-UES in 18th place with 600 points and Corral de Mulas in 19th place with 480 points.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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