Home Sports Basketball Warriors stars battle in training: Draymon Green hits teammate

Warriors stars battle in training: Draymon Green hits teammate


The Golden State Warriors’ training session experienced a tense moment after the game ended when Draymon Green hit Jordan Poole.

of golden state warriors launched an investigation into the conflict draymond green came to punch his partner jordan pool working out.

Shams Charania one of the best sourced journalists in the country NBA guaranteed hours ago with the scoop Green “hit” pool After a heated discussion.

After a verbal confrontation, the two players pushed each other, green he hit pool According to the story, both had to be separated later to prevent the situation from reaching a higher level. Carania.

Adrian Wojnarowski another journalist with great access within the league, later reported ESPN and according to their own sources Green “punch” pool.

“Pool didn’t get hurt by the punch. I completed training before I finished training this Wednesday,” said Wojnarowski.

the leadership of golden state warriors reigning champion NBA investigating what happened to determine if it is necessary any disciplinary action.

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