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LeBron unstoppable, Lakers beat Rockets in NBA: James scores 48 points



Los Angeles Lakers add long-running victory over Houston Rockets thanks to LeBron James’ vitality and talent

LeBron James in a striking 48-point display , los angeles lakersAfter three straight losses, they capped off a special day by defeating the Houston Rockets, the team with the worst record in the league. Nba Martin Luther King Day (140-132).

Achieved 38,000 points, the second person in history, LeBron has the highest scoring recital of the season He also added 8 rebounds and 9 assists.

Recent disappointments against the Dallas Mavericks and Philadelphia 76ers have hurt Los Angeles.

In this scenario, the Rockets’ visit came at a perfect time.

Immersed in a drastic reconstruction, These young Rockets have established themselves as the bottom man in the West He bears the regret of 10 consecutive losses.

But the Lakers (20-24) gave a gray image: LeBron extended his great moment, but the team blamed the star’s break lacked continuity and struggled to overcome a very weak team.

Westbrook scored 24 points as the Lakers set the lowest turnover record in franchise history with just two turnovers.

For the Rockets (10-34), Turkey’s Alperen Sengun had a career-high 33 points (14 of 17 shots), 15 rebounds and 6 assists.

Spain’s Ousmane Galba had 4 points, 2 rebounds and 1 assist for Houston, while Mexico’s Juan Toscano Anderson had 7 points, 2 rebounds and 3 assists for the Lakers.

forever lebron

Both teams played on Sunday and went into the game with little intention of defending.

Patrick Beverley returned to the Lakers two games later, hitting two 3-pointers and LeBron attacking the paint without a fight.

On the other side, Senggyun scored 11 points to lift his rivals’ battered inner rotation, while Eric Gordon used his experience to add another 11 goals.

second angel unit As Westbrook picked up the pace, he increased his defensive intensity, but an unfortunate last-second foul by Toscano-Anderson. Scored three shots at Gordon.

A 7-0 run from the start encouraged some of the Lakers to decide to take advantage of the counterattack.

They could have broken the game when they placed themselves at +13, but a mismatch of points from both baskets and Sengün and Gordon by the locals left the scores virtually flat (54-51 with a break of 5.32).

LeBron return brings Lakers back to life He returned to counter-attacking, creating a notable margin before going to the locker room with a nice dunk from “King James” (73-61).

LeBron continued to score goals easily, including two consecutive 3-pointers, while Senggyun continued to display his exquisite resources inside.

Lakers reach +16 but great appearance from Jalen Green (11 points in that quarter) And Angelina’s embarrassing laziness while LeBron rests He left the match with a knife edge after a 5-15 (102-98) run.

LeBron had to come back to straighten things out, scoring seven points in a 9-0 start.

But again, the Angelenos were unable to take off on the scoreboard, leaving the Rockets down to just 3 points (119-116) with 5 minutes remaining after Sengan’s block and Kenyon Martin Jr.’s dunk.

Durbin Hamm opted for a low-five result for the Lakers given the incompetence of Thomas Bryant and Wenen Gabriel.

With 1:36 remaining, the Rockets could have tied or taken the lead.

But Green failed Thanks to Westbrook and LeBron, the Lakers finally got their breath back .

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