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Galindez’s agent denied Ecuador’s offer, emphasizing that “he feels uneasy and wants to leave.”



A representative of the University of Chile goalkeeper denied Ecuador’s offer to Galindes and said he wanted to leave Chile “due to discomfort” due to constant harassment on social networks.

Goalkeeper Hernan Garindes issued a warning in the middle of the week when he had his intentions. Leaving the University of Chile He blamed intense harassment on social networks at a club that arrived in January this year.

Ecuadorian team goalkeeper after FIFA’s decision in Byron Castillo, which is against Chile’s claim Constant insult .. This situation makes the goalkeeper and his family so uncomfortable that they analyze leaving the country.

Rumors popped out immediately, Two teams from the 1st Division of Ecuador (Quito and Aucas League) had already put the goalkeepers who had a contract with the University of Chile in the folder until December 2023.

However, Galindes’ agent Rodrigo Abadi responded to speculation by denying the existence of a mid-world offer to a 35-year-old native from Rosario, Argentina.

In a dialogue with El Mercurio, the representative said, “No one, no club has offered him to leave,” and the goalkeeper does not want to leave Chile to play in Ecuador. It revealed that.Because leave I feel anxious The discomfort and misery of the city. “

Now Abadi travels to Santiago to learn about the “field” situation and see if Garindes could leave the college cast. “‘U’ came as a free player, so I didn’t buy the files and didn’t pay the loan,” he said.

We record that former figures of “romantic travelers” such as Johnny Herrera and Mauricio Pinilla came out to criticize the goalkeeper’s position. “If it was up to social media, I would have retired at the age of 20. I got everything, and they even put a canvas on me. That’s not right, but sadly it’s It will happen. “

Former strikers, on the other hand, were tough when pointing out: This story is enough, but if Garindes wants to leave, let him go for God. I came across him on the street, but I don’t know who he is (…) Send some screenshots of the threat to Garindes to see if they scare him. Received during his race.

Source: Biobiochile

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