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“He never told me he wanted to leave the’U'”: Diego Lopez and Hernan Galindes’ final departure



A coach at the University of Chile revealed that Hernan Garindes had not told him about his desire to leave the club. After learning that he plans to leave Chile for constant harassment on social networks.

Diego Lopez, a coach at the University of Chile, pointed out goalkeeper Hernan Garindes this Friday. Not communicating Tired of constant harassment on social networks, his desire to leave the club.

The Ecuadorian team goalkeeper intended to leave the blue box. After the FIFA ruling in Byron Castillo, which is against Chile’s allegations, Rosario (Argentina) graduates have been the focus of strong insults, which also makes his family very uncomfortable.

Asked about the goalkeeper’s situation, a college cast strategist said at a press conference, “What you told me about Galindes, he wants to leave the club … I talked to him, He never told me that And I think so with the club. If he told me, I could say that, but because I didn’t talk to him about it … he’s another player we have. “

“He’s been training normally. It’s good that people know. He’s a professional and he’s training with his teammates. It makes him another of our players. , That’s what I can say about Galindes, “he added.

After that, Uruguay decided to stop the problem of the goalkeeper who arrived at the “Romantic Traveler” in January last year. “I’m talking about football. There’s nothing else about the games to play on Sunday. If you have any other questions about Garindes, I’d love to talk more about our party group. He never said he wanted to leave the club “.

Asked about the arrival of Emmanuel Oheda, Lopez said: All coaches now want everything to train from the first week with the team closed, but we know that negotiations will take time. “

Faced with the possibility of Nelly Dominguez, a former Italian Brescia coach said, “We are meeting him at the club. When he is, we talk about him like Ogeda (.. .) We are trying to work with the players We have and believe that the most important thing is not to think too much about the names that may come. “

“U” will debut this Sunday at El Teniente Stadium at 3:30 pm at the Chile Cup to visit General Velázquez, the cast of the Second Pro Division.

Source: Biobiochile

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