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Important news: UC debuts in Copa, Chile and visits Union San Felipe



Universidad Catlica will make its debut this afternoon in Copa, Chile, and will visit Union San Felipe in Kiyota.Ariel Oran has in mind that when he returns to the court after overcoming heart problems, he will debut his reinforcement Daniel Gonzalez in defense and use Luciano Aued in the middle.

The current national soccer champion debuts.Catholic University will be open this Saturday (3:30 pm) point On his second semester visit, Union San Felipe on the first leg of the third round of Copacili 2022 at the “Lucio Farinha” stadium in Kiyota.

The fringe cast rang Opaque first part It’s far from repeating the solid pace of his previous campaign this season. The first round of the National Championship ended in 10th place and there was no option to access the 16th round of the Copa Libertadores.

For this reason, the Chile Cup looks like an interesting instance for raising your head. This is to give the chili cup an allocation (chili 4). Liberator 2023 ..

The main novelty of students is Luciano Aud After overcoming heart problems, and booster debut Daniel Gonzalez ..

The most likely formation of UC is due to NicolΓ‘s Peranic. Reimund Reborn, Thomas Asta Bruaga, Gonzalez, Alfonso Paro; Ignacio Saavedra, Bryan Gonzalez, Aued; Jose Pedro Fenzarida, Fernando Zampedori, Christian Cuevas.

Meanwhile, the Akoncagua Valley team seeks an acceptable performance against Ariel Oran’s team, finishing third in the 1st B Championship.

The team that hosts San Luis Redoubt is alongside Dario Melo. Francisco Salinas, Ignacio Meza, Jesus Pino, Kevin Egagna. Alvaro Cespedo, Ignacio Abiles, Sebastian Galegos, Jerco GonzΓ‘lez. Gonzalo Reyes and Julio Castro.

Please note that the rules of the Chile Cup have at least three players under the age of 21 on the court and must complete 180 minutes in each series.

Revenge for this key is a 16-round ticket and will take place on Saturday, June 25th at San Carlos de Apokind Stadium.

Source: Biobiochile

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