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A strong encounter between Maximilian Falcon and Quintellos: “They are the enthusiasm of the moment, nothing more.”



Maximilian I of Mexico gave his version of the “push” received from Gustavo Quintellos in a Korokoro draw against Copacile’s Deportes Stemco.

He has released his version. Maximilian I of Mexico, the central defender of Korokoro, Strong encounter He faced Gustavo Quinteros in the final stretch of the duel with Deportes Stemco in the third round of the Chile Cup, which ended goalless at the monumental stadium.

The white strategist was angry and entered the field to challenge Uruguay. Uruguay already had a yellow card and made a strong tackle when he even had time to play against his rivals.

“Think, idiot!” The coach told his player … but that wasn’t the only thing. He also pushed him with his hand to get him out of the spot. This situation frustrated the defenders and protected them from the actions of Quintellos with gestures and “what’s wrong with you”.

Already colder, “Perca” stated in a dialogue recreated by TNT Sports that “these are party stuff, nothing more.” I am a player who has the temperament you already know and wants to win. I went to ask the boy how he was and that he was out of breath. “

“I’m talking the best with Temco’s other boys, but well … they’re the fever of the moment I want to never happen again,” added a former Rentistus player.

In conclusion, Paysandú natives say: Even more when that happened to me. But this is soccer. We both want to win. He is a temperamental person and stays on the pitch. “

Source: Biobiochile

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