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Fernandez Vial defeated O’Higgins in the Epilogue and used it at the intersection of Copatile.



From Primera B, Fernandez Vial became stronger at home and defeated Ohiggins in the first leg of the third round of Copacile.

He respected his area. Fernandez Vial defeats Ohiggins In the first leg of the third phase of Copacile, in a match at the Estello Aleboled Stadium in Concepcion.

The painter team won with the smallest account that scored a goal at that time to take advantage of the key to the rematch.

The only goal of the fight was scored by Aurinegro attacker Pablo Vranjicán in the 90th minute.

The perfect pass from Arturo Sanhueza was often used by strikers to score on one of the few dangerous arrivals.

In this way, the railroad team will lead the intersection defined in El Teniente on June 25th.

Recall that Fernandez Vial is the team of Primera B and Lancaginos is part of Chile’s football division.

Source: Biobiochile

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