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In Peru, they believe they were left without the World Cup for “magic” and refer to the heroes of the Australian penalty.



In Peru, they still don’t believe in the defeat against Australia, which left them without a ticket to the World Cup in Qatar, and now they point out the possibility of magic against them.

Painful removal of Qatar World Cup 2022 Still weighing Peru .. In the Inca nation, they do not yet believe that a new hypothesis has been established in the playoff defeat against Australia and the quest for explanation. Alleged magic about the Rimac team ..

It was raised at least in the meantime PopularHere an expert Agata Leeds Powerful and last-minute negative energy contributed to the victory of “Soseros”.

In her interview, the specialist step by step, in her opinion, each that would have influenced the end result.

First, Agatha targeted the day chosen for the conflict. “Taking into account that it was the 13th (unlucky) and the full moon began in Sagittarius, it makes everything more intense and brings good and evil.”

“They also played with red shirts that didn’t win the last World Cup,” he lamented.

Agatha also pointed out the existence of people near the player in the prelude of the game. “As is known, the presence of some relatives and friends did not help the concentration of the previous day, and Claudio Pizarro’s visit marked some old quarrels and created a harsh climate among players. I left it, “he added.

Prosecution against Australian hero

As if that wasn’t enough, Agata Leeds dedicated his words to Australia’s great hero, the goalkeeper. Andrew Redmayne Entered 119 minutes with the mission of taking charge of the penalty.

“The truth is The strange movements of Australian goalkeepers reaching out their arms and hands are part of an ancient Australian ritual. It has its roots in the art of cave hands, “he said.

“These seemed to be carved into the farthest and inaccessible parts of the cave, especially before the battle,” he added.

Finally, Agata Leeds regretted the removal of the Peruvian team from the event because everything was in their favor. “The stars point to Peru as the winner, and the energy was very strong. But at the last minute, a series of negative cabals interfered, “he concludes.

Source: Biobiochile

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