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Hualpen in mourning: ANFA Biobio soccer player dies of cardiac arrest



Club Estrela soccer player Mario Boshard disappeared at the age of 50 when he suffered a cardiac arrest half the time of the duel with Amerigo Vespucci, who corresponds to ANFA Biobio.

The Walpen Commune is in mourning.Union amateur soccer players in the Biobio region have disappeared after suffering on Saturday afternoon Cardiopulmonary arrest ..

During the half-time of the Super Senior Series match against Amerigo Vespsio, on the fifth day of the official tournament, Star Club Mario Boshard soccer players began to feel sick.

“He disappeared during the break. It was his own teammates and rival team players who gave him first aid, but he had few vital signs,” said league president Eduardo.・ Janten declared as follows. ANFA portal in the Biobio area..

“The ambulance was called immediately, but didn’t arrive, so they took him in a private car to the SAR (High Resolution Emergency Service),” the leader added.

Also involved in what happened to the unlucky athlete of the Hualpencillo Association was Iván Gajardo, the Américo Vespucio player who gave him. First aid To Boshard.

“The first thing I did was to see if he had a pulse, but he didn’t. It was also very white. Later I did how Mario did. I contacted the SAR to find out if they were, and they told me they couldn’t save him. It’s a shame. “

The death of Boshard, who was 50 years old Second This is due to the same situation at clubs in the ANFA Biobio region over the last two months.

Source: Biobiochile

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