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Claudio Bravo sees his retirement from La Roja in the distance.



Claudio Bravo, captain of the Chilean national team, mentioned his future in La Roja’s new process under the direction of Eduardo Veriso.

After a great season with Real Betis, he extended his contract until 2023. Claudio Bravo He explained his future details and analyzed Eduardo Veriso’s arrival in the technical direction of the Chilean national team.

The “Team of All” captain attended a sports clinic for children trying to take advantage of their national vacation and focus on keeping their goals. There, in addition to sharing with young people who were surprised at his presence, he had time to talk about what it would hold for the next campaign.

In that sense, a player trained in Korokoro will continue for another year in the world football elite and will not see his retirement at both the national team level and the club.

“If you’re doing well in the club, whether you’re in Europe, in a new final, or playing more games for the national team, you’re more likely to stay competing at the highest level. Determine how you are performing. clearly.

Regarding the arrival from “Toto” to “La Roja”, Bravo expressed his happiness in the ANFP elections, emphasizing: “He knows what Chilean football is. He understands how the national team works and welcomed them to South Africa 2010 on the Marcelo Bielsa stage, so many players I know. “Some were sparring.” ..

The 2022-2023 season of “Capitan” will include the Europa League in the cast led by Manuel Pellegrini, who will need to regain the title with a great performance to raise the Copa del Rey title.

“The first thing is to enjoy where I am and the positive things that work gives you. There is no secret more than devoting yourself completely and becoming more professional than ever. Things happen naturally. I was fortunate that everything was given positively, but it always leads to work and patience. ” Closed the goalkeeper.

Source: Biobiochile

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