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“Agreement has already been reached”: They reveal that Buonanotte says goodbye to UC to go abroad



Diego Buonanotte may have spent his last days at the Catholic University after confirming an agreement with Jorge Wilsterman of Bolivia.

Argentine midfielder after arriving for Chilean football in 2016 Diego Bonanotte He was one and a half feet after revealing an agreement alleged to live his last days as a benchmark for the Catholic University. George Wilsterman From Bolivia.

Information released through an interview by Gary Soria, a candidate for chairman of the Ultimate Planic Cast meterRevealed that only the last tweaks left to confirm the arrival of the “dwarves”.

“We are very close to hiring. Within the next few days we will officially announce if he is with us.” Emphasized the manager of “Aviator”.

In that sense, Soria revealed the following: “We have already sent the contract. We are in negotiations and are waiting to resolve the issue. The agreement with the player has already been reached and simply lacks documentation and signatures. Will be. ..

However, those who declared that they liked to direct Jorge Wilsterman cautioned against the possibility of this signature.

“Until signed, it cannot be said to be part of the club.” Hill.

Buonanotte relied on Ariel Oran’s plans, despite being obscured by the cast in the hills while Christian Paulucci oversaw the first team, so the final farewell for the player was “Crusaders.” It will be a headache for the board.

Source: Biobiochile

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