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FIFA applies powerful filters to the World Cup. Stop and blame insults on social networks.



FIFA has released a report that reflects the increased insults soccer players have received on social media platforms during national team tournaments.

The World Organization (FIFPRO), which represents FIFA and professional soccer players, Protect your team Those who participate in tournaments hosted by the League of Nations, including the World Cup in Qatar, insult It is poured into social networks.

On UN International Day against hate speech, FIFA released a report reflecting the increased insults soccer players received on social media platforms during national team tournaments.

In this study, which used artificial intelligence to track more than 400,000 posts on social media platforms in the semifinals and final stages of two national team tournaments (Euro 2020 and Africa Cup of Nations). 50% or more Many of the players have been insulted in some way discriminatory, but many are from their own country.

In its statement, FIFA responded to the majority of homosexual and racist (38%) comments, many of which remain open to the first-directed account.

To counter this, FIFA and FIFPRO look for recognized hate speech posted to assigned social media accounts, and when detected, prevent recipients and their followers from seeing comments, with men. We will launch a specific moderation service for women’s soccer tournaments.

The two organizations understand that the person who posted the comment will see the message in question, but its display and reach will be significantly reduced.

The report is also 90 percent Of the account that posted these abusive comments Likely to be identified As such, activities from such accounts can be sent to social media platforms and law enforcement agencies for further action.

“We have a duty to protect football, which begins with football players who give great joy and happiness to their achievements on the pitch,” said FIFA President Gianni Infantino. I can’t, “he said, and tended to publish comments. Players, coaches, referees, teams, “forms of discrimination not found in football” or society.

With this action, FIFA not only “protects football and avoids the harmful effects that these publications can cause,” but also “interacts with sports now and on the pitch, both on social media and on the pitch.” It is intended to “educate future generations.”

“We hope that when we come together to fight the problem, the social media platform will do the same and actively support us to be part of the solution,” he hopes. rice field.

FIFPRO President David Aganzo, a Spaniard, said insults to soccer players “have a significant impact on their personality, family, performance, mental health, and general well-being.”

In this regard, the two agencies provide educational support, including recommendations on best practices for managing social media accounts and mental health advice for all players participating in FIFA tournaments in 2022 and 2023. increase.

Source: Biobiochile

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