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“Like Diego Maradona”: Buffon praises Di Maria for the possibility of arriving in Italian lands



Gianluigi Buffon spoke with the Italian press and praised Argentina’s Angel di Maria before arriving at Serie A across the Andes.

The transfer market continues and they are increasing accordingly Rumors of hiring World wide. Well, one of the latest is the possibility of arrival in Argentina. Angel di Maria to Italy, Idol here Old lady, Excellent goalkeeper, Gianluigi Buffon, He idolized Transandes.

Striker, hero Copa America vs Brazil And have a goal Finalissima Exactly before fought “Azura”, Will not be updated with him PSG Is in sight Juventus, Inter And even the champion AC Milan.

So former goalkeeper World Champion In conversation with the media Gazzetta dello Sport, He pointed out: “Angel di Maria in Serie A will be like Diego Maradona.”

“You need to evaluate your soccer player by considering where you play. A series Today, technically poor, Angels have many techniques “, Mentioned the current goalkeeper of Palma.

Also, the veteran did not withhold anything to qualify. “Noodle” Di Maria, “that is Definitive In the face of goals, Dribble overtake your rivals. He is good at giving assists and running around the field. He can play various roles. ”

Buffon encourages Argentines to dress as Bianconeri

Angel Di Maria Is a player included in the portfolio of several Italian clubs, he commented Buffon, He is a very technical player and has been criticized calcium. However, the goalkeeper mainly comments that he wants to meet him in the shirt of his beloved club. Juventus.

In this regard, the Italians emphasized: “If Di Maria joins Juventus, it means he is ready to join. He is an exemplary expert A person who never gives up and fights in games and training. I played with PSG Neymar, Mbappe, Marco Verratti … But Di Maria was inferior to anyone. “

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