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Horan in a new era: UC is trying to reorganize the team for the second round of the championship



Crusader revolution for the second round of the national championship. Old acquaintances, player departures, and Horan’s return are part of the transfer market that has moved from San Carlos de Apokind.

Catholic university The first stage of the national championship is, in the best way, International Cup, He was eliminated on the group stage Libertadores cup And had to settle to consolidate 16 rounds South America’s Cup.

With a famous coach like Ariel Oran, Fringe people try to relive the good times. Four-time champion of the national tournament. That’s why strategists and leadership San Carlos de Apokind, Current campus with the aim of growing with higher quality and experience UC.

In this context, the Crusaders are a few days away from integration New face and old acquaintance Among them, on their campus Mauritius Island, Mattias Dituro, Cesar Pinares, Daniel Gonzalez.

In light of these potential enhancements in the future, the return of banners for consecutive titles he has achieved will be added. UC team, Midfielder Luciano Aud, Almost later he became part of the team and returned to play an official match 200 days without looking at professional activities.

This is the renewal of the Argentina national team hello, It’s taking shape to compete Both fronts As already mentioned, especially International cup This is a big debt of the team Four-time champion of the national championship.

Source: Biobiochile

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