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Copachire: This will be the transmission of TNT Sports in the second leg of the third phase



TNT Sports has officially announced what will happen to the second leg of the third phase of the Chile Cup.

Emotions Chile Easy Cup 2022 Continue this week on the screen TNT sports.

The content brand will air on Thursday, June 23, the start of the return duel for the third phase of the exciting tournament. Deportes Temuco and Korokoro are in charge of opening the fire There is a promised duel in the Araucanía region.

In the first leg, “Cacique” and “Temkanos” took part in the match with little action on either team. In this way, the stage is open to everyone. The people led by Jorge “Mortero” Arabena try to make history and eliminate the current champion of the contest. Meanwhile, Gustavo Quintellos bets on his best work to appeal to the hierarchy and continue in the cup that unifies Chile.

Saturday session has three new meetings..Everton receive Ascent’s exclusive and undefeated leader, Magalanes , In a game of revenge taste. The first match ended in a draw and Carlos Villanueva made his debut in “El Viejoy Querido”.

A combination of talent and magic, “Pineapple” seeks to unbalance, continue to compete for his new team and reaffirm the scrolls that have Magalanes as one of the season-wide revelation teams.

Later it will be its turn Catholic university accepting Union San Felipe .. The Crusaders returned to victory with striker Fernando Zampedori’s brace and captain Jose Pedro Fenzarida’s goals. Currently, at San Carlos de Apokind, Ariel Oran’s team is aiming to seal the way to the next phase and regain the pace of group play.

Sunday highlights the clash between Santiago Wanderers and Clicownide .. Neither team took advantage of the first leg, so another balanced match is expected and everyone has a choice. Nonetheless, wanderers cannot expect Jaime Valdés, who had to leave the field 18 minutes after the first match, suffering from muscle aches and issuing Dean’s alarm. On their side, Tortero cannot rely on defender Jose Pepe Rojas, who was sent out in the last few minutes.

University of Chile and General Velázquez conclude the day at Santa Laura SEK Stadium on Monday, June 27th. .. “Blues” won the debut match of Diego Lopez on the Blue Bench with two goals from Junior Fernandez. Despite the victory, college students were repeatedly overtaken by the San Vicente de Tagua-Tagua team. As a result, the new “U” strategist is forced to make some adjustments as he seeks to move forward.

Programming CopaChile Easy 2022 in TNT Sports – Phase 3 Vuelta

Thursday, June 23

● 5:30 pm – Sports Temco vs. Korokoro (TNT SPORTS 2, TNT SPORTS HD, TNT SPORTS Stadium).

Saturday, June 25

● 2:30 pm – Everton vs. Magalanes (TNT SPORTS 2, TNT SPORTS HD, TNT SPORTS Stadium).

● 5:10 pm – Catholic University vs. Union San Felipe (TNT SPORTS 2, TNT SPORTS HD, TNT SPORTS Stadium).

● 7:40 pm – O’Higgins vs. Fernandez Vial (TNT SPORTS 2, TNT SPORTS HD, TNT SPORTS Stadium).

Sunday, June 26

● 2:30 pm – Santiago Wanderers vs. Curicó Unido (TNT SPORTS 2, TNT SPORTS HD, TNT SPORTS Stadium).

● 5:10 pm – Huachipat vs. Deportes Puerto Montt (TNT SPORTS 2, TNT SPORTS HD, TNT SPORTS Stadium).

Monday, June 27

● 3:30 pm – University of Chile vs. General Velázquez (TNT SPORTS 2, TNT SPORTS HD, TNT SPORTS Stadium).

Source: Biobiochile

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