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Dispel doubts: Pablo Solari announces staying in the roll



Pablo Solari, who stands in front of Korokoro, has put an end to rumors about his withdrawal from “Cacique” and announced that he will continue with the White Team.

Paul Solari In front of Korokoro, he revealed where to continue his career after a busy weekend for “Cacique”.

And much was speculated about Argentina’s final departure from dawn, especially after the offer from Argentina. Mexico America And the official pressure of the attackers to leave the monumental.

However, it was Solari himself who dispelled the question through the broadcast on Twitch, where he made it very clear what was ahead.

“I’m going to stay, I’m going to be here” , I confirmed trasandino. “That’s most of what I’m going to say, I’m still here,” he added.

Then, before a wave of comments from fans, Argentina emphasized, “I use Twitch for something else, not talking about work.”

Thus, Pablo Solari will continue to wear the “Cacique” shirt in the second half, and Colo-Colo will play Copa Sudamericana, Copa Chile, and the second round. National Championship..

Source: Biobiochile

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