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Neymar plane makes an emergency landing: soccer player and his family were traveling on board



Part of his family, where Neymar and Brazilian stars were traveling to São Paulo, suffered an emergency landing after a technical problem on their private plane.

Private plane that transported Brazilian soccer players Neymar Jr. and some of his family According to local media reports, he made an emergency landing in the city of Boavista on Tuesday due to a windshield problem.

According to the ESPN Brasil channel, the Cessna 680Citation plane belonging to Neymar SportE Marketing has a windshield. Had to land in the capital of Roraima-Border with Venezuela- ..

Neymar’s press office and Boavista Airport have not yet commented on the incident, but profiles and followers of various fans of the French PSG attackers and the Brazilian national team were shot in the terminal area this Tuesday. I started circulating the player’s photos with my fans.

According to the information, Neymar was traveling with his girlfriend Blue Navian Cardi, his sister Rafaela, and some friends. He spent a few days in the United States and returned to Brazil. He was expected at the beach house this Tuesday. In Mangaratiba on the coast of Rio de Janeiro.

After technical repairs, the aircraft must head to São Paulo as planned since leaving Fort Lauderdale, USA on Monday night to avoid the effects of pressurization.

The TV channel points out that Neymar’s luxury plane was built in 2008 and has a market cost of R $ 94 million (about 16 billion pesos).

Source: Biobiochile

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