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‘I came to lay the groundwork for Chilean football’: Francis Kagigao reflects on his time at ANFP



Speaking at the ANFP-sponsored football development conference, Francis Kagigao detailed the balance between his months of work as La Roja’s sporting director and his relationship with the national team’s current coach, Eduardo Bellizzo.

The man who’s been in the news for the past few days Francis Kagigao after information telling Hispanic to resign from his position at the end of the year Sports Director of the Chilean Football Federation.

but the same former leader arsenal from England attended the soccer development conference who organized governing body of national football And I spoke with the media in attendance about the question of its continuity.

In what the former DT declared, he said: “When I got here, I was under contract until December 31st. Logically, then I know what I have. Institutions have issues with elections and I don’t think the most important thing now is whether to renew. ”

“Some people are interested in these speculations. There are two parts and three scenarios. I think it’s too early to talk about. Projects are more important than people,” he said.

He also commented on his moon: ANFP Sports Director , he made a brief record of his function. In this connection he said: “I’ve worked in difficult situations, not because of people.”

“We’re working well, and despite the pandemic, they’ve been able to see a fraction of what we’ve been doing. I’m here to lay the groundwork. If you have something else to put the roof on, that’s fine.” he added.

He also emphasized that there are many ideas to implement, but all will come to fruition in time. “I know what I want to do, but now is not the time to talk about it publicly. Many projects have been carried out, but it is known that we do not have the resources that others have and we have to keep our mouths shut. ”

“He’s a great director.”

another point of view you picked up Francis Kagigao , is the new coaching staff in charge of the national team.project led by Eduardo Berisso ,this is Reinvent Chilean football from the lower divisions and get replacements for the Golden Generation.

In this connection, the Spaniard emphasized that: “I don’t think so. We signed Berisso for four years. He’s a great coach. That will lead Chile to the next World Cup and develop the players. ”

“Chile has a great future with Eduardo Berisso. increase” Kagigao emphasized.

Francis Kagigao and Eduardo Bellizzo.
Diego Martin/UNO Agency.

Another topic he touched on in his dialogue was his relationship with the president. ANFP, Paul Milad he admitted that there are occasional inconsistencies, but that it’s all for the team’s future.

In this regard, Francis pointed out: “I have a very good relationship with Pablo Milado and I have no problems with him. like relationships, sometimes things have to be brought up.

“It’s not a straight road. I don’t have personal problems with anyone, even though life is unique.” Finished.

Source: Biobiochile

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