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Sagar’s great goal in Turkey: the national player runs almost the entire pitch, scoring and scoring


Angelo Sagar scored the actual goal as his team’s fourth goal in the 5-2 win over Antalyaspor. The Chilean with his team is the sole leader of the Turkish championship.

many players Chileans are spread across different parts of the world one of them is a former striker HuachipatoAngelo Sagal, Gaziantep of the Turkish League.

Extreme selected nationally for participation in La Roja of the Confederations Cup , make a good gift with your Ottoman team. You scored a really great goal in today’s match. marked in his career.

Yuan “Steeler” scored his team’s fourth goal. AntalyasporSegal sprinted over 50 meters and scored his first goal of the season.

The goal was also celebrated by his team. Who is the only leader of the tournament in Turkey and who confirmed a good moment at the start of the season in the European country.

definitely Motivated goals from Chilean resistance from a fan of red I still remember the shot he deflected in the final Confederations Cup where the national team fell 1-0 against young Germany.

The next duel to continue Gaziantep’s streak will be when they face a stronger opponent Galatasaray, Monday, August 5th at 3pm at Nef Stadium in Istanbul, Turkey.

Source: Biobiochile



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