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UC wants fans against La U: They resort to ANFP punishment for Copa Chile return



Universidad Católica appealed to ANFP to get fans involved in the return leg of the Copa Chile quarter-final against La U.

the team that was punished Finally, his failure to engage his fans in two local duels catholic universityafter witnessing Incident in the final farewell duel in San Carlos de Apoquindo Second Leg of Round of 16 chili cupin view of Audax Italian.

Although progressing smoothly to the next phase of the Chile Games, crusader First of all, they can’t play against the masses in their return match in the quarterfinals University of Chile Even in the final semi-finals (if they beat the Blues).

However, new information emerged in the afternoon. UC, reported its intention to appeal the decision taken by ANFPto face romantic traveler On the way home with his people at the stadium.

people on the strip appealed against sanctions in chili cup Additionally, they requested an order not to innovate until the appeal was resolved. Fans cheering in the stands.

In a message published on the Precordillera cast’s Twitter account, “Today, we will appeal the sanctions against the two Copa Chile games played behind closed doors and demand that they be ordered not to innovate until the appeal is resolved.”

“Our goal is to punish those who are truly responsible. Not the majority of crusaders and crusaders They peacefully support their team. ” shown from Catholicism.

Finally they didn’t close the door to victory Bid for sanctions Set by the governing bodies of national football. key duel for your desire Ariel Horan and his students to advance in the Copa Chile.

In this regard, they emphasized that: “If ordered not to innovate, we could end up playing in the second leg of the Copa Chile quarter-finals. , with support from the fans in the stands, played against the University of Chile. i will let you know. ”

First Duel of the Quarterfinal Bracket University of Chile and Catholic University, agreed Sunday, September 25 at 5:30 p.m. at Santa Laura Stadium.

For that part, return is scheduled for that day. Wednesday, September 28th at 7pm, location TBA.

Source: Biobiochile

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