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Gabriel Suazo in the spotlight: they reveal they have observers in Barcelona watching his performance at La Roja



Gabriel Suazo’s agent has revealed that scouts and observers will be coming from various European clubs, waiting to see what the ColoColo captain can do in a duel with Morocco.

player on the verge of leaving Korokoro And of Chilean football was Gabriel Suazo’s side pretended to dance european team but none of his suggestions formal character All diluted for the key elements of “Kashik”.

in those good times Painting “Arbo” had the opportunity to play for national selectionhe aims to be a serious contender for stay left wing of red.

Now, the lane agent Gabriel Silverman said Regol He also commented that some teams would send scouts to check on Suazo’s performance so that he could be officially offered a pass for him.

He pointed out at the outset: “I understand some scouts are going to see him.”

He then revealed: “First, I hope Gabriel plays. Second, I hope people like it so that we can realize all the potential options presented.”

After that, he recognized several contacts abroad for the photo captain ‘popular’ In connection with this, he said, “I have several contacts and approached people, but nothing official. All that’s left is to wait. We hope that we can deliver it as soon as possible so that everyone can feel at ease. ”

“CoroCoro knows he’s dealing with us. We’ve known each other for many years, so the relationship is very good and the people are top notch. I hope everything goes well,” he concluded, speaking of the bond they share with the “Aruba” agency.

the truth is tomorrow Gabriel Suazo aim to be the starter of red in his duel Morocco. What is expected is “Everyone’s Team” You can pass the Africans and start looking at the first A win for Eduardo Berisso.

Source: Biobiochile

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