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Jorge Valdivia explodes after Borghi’s statement: ‘His code is very different from others’



Jorge Valdivia attacks Claudio Borghi with everything after the current TNT Sports commentator’s statement that revived the controversial moment of the ‘baptism ceremony’.

backlash between Jorge Valdivia and Claudio Borghi after the former player’s first statement Palm tree As he pointed out a few days ago, Marcelo Bielsa and Jorge Sampaoli ignored, there was nothing Former DT works of Korokorounder the direction of red.

then the current commentator TNTSportspointed out in an interview at , and returned the sleeve to the original student. the future of radio that “He probably knows what I streamed can be used as a source of work.” revealed that he was the first person called by DNA to work on his show.

After these sour comments between the two, the former national team player spoke in an in-depth interview third sportwhere he launched it all artillery against his ex-engineer when they met “Kashik”.


Initially, “Wizard” Valdivia revealed: “In brackets I add that between Bielsa and Sampaoli there was Claudio Borghi. Who he didn’t have a good football or tactical performance did not show what the team was doing at Bielsa”.

“in Bielsa and Sampaoli played for Borghi, but the results were disappointing. first, Copa America loss against Venezuela with an extraordinary squad and armed squad left by Bielsa. and was eliminated without a technical answer Football from the bench with the coach that was him (Borghi),” he said.

Later he talked about one of the points he addressed Former world champion from Argentina he noted that in his work with the national team, he enjoyed being first in the qualifiers. “He says his team was first, but that doesn’t mean anything. The point here is to qualify for the world championships, to be champions, to win something.” he indicated.

“I’m surprised that a man who boasted that he was the first in qualifying when he was kicked out with a bad result, has arrived a coach to classify the team for the World Cup.” Keep Valdivia.

He then spoke about Borghi’s career as a player, in which he emphasized:The great Bici Bolgi is argentina juniors. As a player, he had a career that wasn’t a big dog. It should be noted that he was a world champion and a great player, but unfortunately he did not play for any of the teams that passed. ”

“Large dogs Arturo Vidal, Alexis Sanchez, Claudio Bravo. I don’t think big dogs as trainers Nor was it a large dog. little did he know he could be a champion 4 times with a star-studded roller hold.

“baptism ceremony”

the painful place he touched “Bichi” When he spoke a few days ago about Jorge Valdivia, it was during his period that he had to come off 5 Players of the Famous “Baptisazo” as one of the places where the former attacking midfielder is directly pointed out The ringleader of the controversial La Roja Incident.

In his defense, Valdivia confessed:I’m surprised to say it wasn’t permanent. At Colo Colo I was steadfast to him, he has declared it all his life. He always said I was his weak point, it’s a matter of googling.”

“He took me to the national team where he played the Copa America in Argentina. I was injured. At ColoColo, I was the backbone. And in the national team he always said that I was permanent. When offended, he shows his true face again: he starts attacking and starts talking about personal things . pointed out.

Plus, he realizes what happened that day and drops a little-known bombshell about Claudio Borghi’s job with the national team. “I insist on taking responsibility for myself. I’ve said this in other interviews as well. I was wrong. I think the punishment is fine because I didn’t obey the order. ”

“But Borghi had to deal with it the same as the day before, because before our ‘baptism’ a player arrived from the party with a broken head. Also, when he talks about anarchy, I don’t think Bielsa or Sampaoli used Juan Pinto Durán to barbecue with their friends on Monday. “, he argued.

On the other hand, he does not understand the darts he sends to Marcelo Bielsa and Jorge Sampaoli, asking his former coach to respect and recognize the code. “Bielsa never replied to Borghi and he was tired of talking about Bielsa and Sampaoli. feel” he launched.

Finally he commented: “His code is very different from all others.

“We weren’t tackling a stopped ball at ColoColo, so we could have used that to tackle a stopped ball. when playing a friendly match. Find out who was France’s right-back and don’t improvise. Their code is very different from others. ” Finished.

Source: Biobiochile

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