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The only goal of the first half: Ben Bretton scored for Chile and the stick saved it



Ben Breton qualified for Chile, but his stick hampered him in the friendly against Morocco.

Ben Bretton Diaz the La Roja striker had Chile’s best and only chance to score in the first half of a friendly against Morocco at Barcelona’s RCDE stadium.

In the 11th minute, England’s Blackburn Rovers attackers entered the Moroccan area after a superb pass from Alexis Sanchez and continued to gain the lead towards their rivals’ goal.

However, the ball was left on Breton’s unskilled feet in a rushing decision before goalkeeper Mehdi Bunou sent off.

The goalkeeper managed to deflect the ball was enough for it to hit the left vertical and bounce off the portico.

Check out Ben Breton’s clear move against Morocco.

Source: Biobiochile

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