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‘Paulo Diaz will be the Rajah to play for Chile’: Fans lose patience at La Roja Central



Paulo Díaz was criticized in the first half after being attacked by the Moroccan at Spain’s RCDE stadium.

player who has I saw him overwhelmed by the power he displayed on the Moroccan court that is Paul Diaz starting player in river platefailed to show his good moments in Argentina, red.

At first 45 minutes of game the defender is subject to public criticism Diaz can’t get a foothold in the game and sees what the looks are like Far outmatched by breakneck speed outsiders Morocco is in sight.

On Twitter, already player trends who criticized nThe level you showed in the national team which is in contrast to what was done in the Billionaire painting.

these are some Diaz game replica .

unfortunately during the game Chile overwhelmed by the intensity of the game Moroccan shows a wide range of speeds and masters A ball heading into the goal of Brayan-Cortez.

Source: Biobiochile

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