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U Fans Destroy Isla: UC’s Crack Faces Rival After Parra Goes Down Through Ruse



U fans exploded against Mauricio Isla after UC Bar incident with Martín Parra.

With a tailspin and fury mauritius island a fan appeared U On social networks this Wednesday.

cause? ‘Waso’ faced the ‘blue’ player after the secular team’s goalkeeper Martín Parra fell to the ground under the influence of a gimmick thrown by the UC bar in a battle between the two teams . chili cup.

When Para threw himself onto the grass, his teammates quickly ran up to him, and Isla arrived there angrily, claiming that he intended to take advantage of his rival.

This fact made the spirits on the field hot, and the matter rarely developed into a big fight.

Fans of U vs Isla

This situation has caused the indignation of U’s followers on the social network, where modifiers such as “dishonest” and “bad milk” are constantly repeated.

“There is Waso Isla saying Para is showing off”, “Here, when ‘Isla, the leader of the national team’ is worried because his teammate has flared up.” Stand up to the players,” one commented, “don’t you realize that 34-year-old boy Isla went to see a blushing 22-year-old asshole.”

It records that a Zampedri penalty interrupted the confrontation when Catolica were leading 1–0 in the second leg just five minutes into the game.

Source: Biobiochile

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