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‘The same person who was crying’: Guarello destroys Sanchez for not appearing in Mineduk’s book



Journalist Juan Cristobal Guarello launched them against Fernando Felicevic and his agent who, like Vidal and Medel, refused to appear in Mineduc’s book.

journalist Juan Cristobal Galero antagonized them Fernando Felicevic representing Gary Medel, Alexis Sanchez, Arturo Vidal due to the absence of the controversial three cracks red In the book “Heroes and Legends of Chilean Sports”.

The text by Marcelo Simonetti and illustrated by Fabian Rivas, compiled by the Ministry of Education and distributed in our country’s schools, contains a description of the marginalization of the three aforementioned referents of the selection .

“This book tries to showcase some of the best athletes in our country, but space doesn’t allow them all to be there. A special mention is made of the important footballers Alexis Sanchez, Arturo Vidal and Gary Medel who did not agree through their common representatives to publish their illustrations. ” it reads in writes.

The foregoing caused Guarello’s annoyance to use his editorials in La Tercera to destroy Medel’s agents, Sanchez and Vidal, among others.

“I learned of an episode that depicts a rarely seen level of smallness and misery. Our country should have left out Alexis Sanchez, Gary Medel and Arturo Vidal,” the communicator began asking.

“The reason is that the authors write on the very page of the school textbook: ‘Through their common representative they did not accept to be illustrated’. The common representative is Fernando Felicevic.” What do you want me to tell you, you must be a very sad ball to refuse your country’s schoolchildren to appear in a book honoring you.” Gallo added.

“Or did Fefe demand a large sum of money to approve three small paintings? It must have been very unpleasant. Neon letters are embarrassing, ”the journalist concluded.

Previously, on Channel 13, the Communicator had already done them for one of the three players involved.

“The same Alexis Sanchez who was crying a month ago that Chile didn’t recognize him… And why did the common representative not want his gift to appear in the book? Why were they humiliated, why were they not paid? This is a pity. They want to honor them with children’s books and demand money.” Garrero emphasized.

Source: Biobiochile

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