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Alexis Sanchez reveals uproarious absence in Mineduk book, accuses Felicevic: ‘I was stabbed’


La Roja striker Alexis Sanchez responded to criticism of his absence in Mineduk’s book, assuring him that “he knew nothing” about the text.

Alexis Sanchez the Olympique Marseille and La Roja striker has spoken out after his controversial absence in the book “Heroes and Legends of Chilean Sport” edited by the Ministry of Education (Mineduc).

Like Gary Medel or Arturo Vidal as stated in the same work, “Wonderboy” is not shown because “through their common representative, they did not consent to have the illustration displayed.”

In light of the criticism that has arisen against La Roja’s three referents, the Tocopilla native has raised his voice and explained what happened on his social networks.

“Let me be clear, I didn’t know about the book. They never asked me.” Sanchez vowed on his Instagram account and transferred responsibility to his agent, Fernando Felicevic.

“For me, children are the most important thing in the country and must always be supported. Besides, I was stabbed because they didn’t leave me.” added a La Roja scorer.

It’s worth mentioning that Alexis Sanchez didn’t add any minutes in ‘OM”s victory over Angers this Friday. League Annleft the tournament’s leading teams.

This Tuesday, the French side claimed victory over Sporting Lisbon in the Champions League.

See Alexis Sánchez’s post.

Alexis Sánchez spoke about the controversy over the Mineduc book.

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