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Gary Medel Offers His Version For Controversy With Mineduk’s Book: He Denies Asking For Money


Gary Medel, a crack at La Roja and Bologna, gave his version of him in his absence to Minek’s book about sports heroes, denying any trouble with the author.

Gary Medel a defender of Bologna, Italy and a witness of La Roja, opposed criticism of his absence in the book “Heroes and Legends of Chilean Sports” text edited by the Ministry of Education (Mineduk).

“Pitbulls” like Alexis Sanchez and Arturo Vidal were excluded from the work because “through their common representative they did not accept to be illustrated”.

Through his Instagram account, Medel offered his take on the incident and denied any involvement between him and the author of the book, his agent Fernando Felicevic.

“I would like to clarify that neither I nor my representatives have asked for money to make ‘Heroes del deporte’ or any other book.” showed “pitbull” from the beginning.

The Bologna footballer added: “There are dozens of books, publications, illustrations, cartoons and even imitations that have been created without my permission and without any claims or similar on my part.” I got

Gary Medel later explained: “The first project we were invited to in 2017 was not related to the Ministry of Education.” .

“And I ask that the bad milk they invented and repeated like parrots do not harm journalism,” the La Roja referee concluded.

Check Gary Medel’s disclaimer.

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