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ColoColo confirms the completion of work on the Cordillera sector of the Monumental Stadium.



Colo Colo has announced that clean-up operations have ended after vandalism and incidents by “white” fans at Monumental Stadium on Saturday 30th September.

Catastrophe left in the stadium Korokorobehind ‘sermon’ what fans did “Kashik” Saturday, September 30th, reschedule the duel before Catholic University.

in varying amounts Falling objects in the Cordillera sector of the Monumental Stadium Estadio Seguro was forced to schedule a match with The Crusaders time for Tuesday, September 4th is TBD.

Meanwhile, senior staff ‘popular’ to clear blockages near the enclosure, A job that started yesterday and finished a few minutes ago.

This was reported by the entity itself ‘sunrise’ On the Twitter account that posted: “Work completed. Thank you to all workers for their prompt dedication to repairing damaged structures in the Cordillera sector since yesterday.”

Now, the works in the enclosure of Korokoro must face The Catholic University will be defined next Tuesday, October 4th.

Source: Biobiochile

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