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City continue their Premier League escort with a humiliating win for United in the Manchester derby



Manchester City continued their search for leaders Arsenal in the Premier League, winning the Derby by a historic margin over Manchester United.

of city ​​of manchester Today it showed the infinite difference over man united he was overwhelmed, overwhelmed by tremendous authority, winning the ninth date 6-3. Premier League.

The insatiable, uncontrollable greed of Erling Haaland and Phil Foden (all triple scorers, with the exception of two Norwegian assistants), the accuracy of Kevin De Bruyne and the football of an impressive team at the top of Arsenal. It was an exhibition of “citizens”.

Led by Pep Guardiola, the ‘Machine’ are still a point behind the leaders and the only unbeatable team in the British competition this season, taking just over 30 minutes to knock out their opponents with a series of impressive strikes. I was. As a result of imposing a sense of superiority on his cornered opponent from the beginning, he was shaken and subdued by his unattractive, expressive strength.

United were without answers throughout the first half and were knocked down after four straight wins. He felt superior to himself in each set, in each sector, in each possession, in each retreat, in each transition, in each attack, in each situation that made up the game, and in the qualities each player outperformed him in. Manchester City had already scored a triple chance three minutes later, and eight minutes later they had already won 1-0, a valuable combination for the Guardiola-led group.

It all started with right-wing Foden Then Foden also shot inside the area, ending Bernardo Silva’s pass from the left flank. Halfway there were three first touches from one to the other, along with a deep opening to the left side of Cancelo.

Gundogan then threw a superb free-kick into the post for Foden to make it 2-0, as did Kevin De Bruyne, who shot over the crossbar when Varane was injured from the pitch to his left ankle. rest of the meeting.

They were all ‘openers’ for the huge show Harland later delivered , a goalscorer of history at just 22 years old, has scored 103 goals in 100 games during all duels of his career, or 15 goals in eight games this season with City. Brutality.

City’s last nine shots at the Etihad Stadium were goals, three of which came in half an hour of play when the Cyclone destroyed United’s defensive structure between 34 and 64 on Sunday. I changed my appearance. each shot. It’s the amazing forward’s dozenth exhibition, and its limits are still not intuitive.

Two of the goals were still in the first half: his header from a corner kick to make it 2-0 in the first 34 minutes had already been taken from the inside by Marathia and included remorse for Eric ten Hag. I should be. It was Christian Eriksen, whom the striker took off very easily. The second, 3-0, in the 37th minute, was a superb cross from De Bruyne with a shot from the left (he has played in 31 goals in his last 31 league games, 16 as a finisher and 15 goals). as a finisher) passer).

A third on his account was already done in the 64th minute, with City 5-1. A left-footed shot into the area seemed like the simplest thing in the world. from all over the world. Not only was Haaland the scorer on Sunday, but he is another star of a historic victory, as he provided two assists for Phil Foden.

The same 22-year-old young attacker as Harland, He scored 4-0 in the 43rd minute and extended a great game 6-1 in the 73rd minute when he was nailed into the top corner at the left, when another cross from his Norwegian team-mate to Manchester United did not appear in the opposing goal until the 56th minute. Anthony Signing a great goal (4-1), it made up a blushing defeat from penalties 6-2 at 84 and 6-3 at 90. martial arts .

Cristiano Ronaldo didn’t even play Casemiro provided a resource from the bench in the 59th minute when United were already losing 4-1, while Eymeric Laporte returned to City after being sidelined since the start of the season, a month and a half before the start of Qatar Worlds. Reappeared in Cup 2022.

Source: Biobiochile

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