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Matias Fernandez satisfaction after winning South American Championship: ‘Life gave me another chance’



Matias Fernandez Cordero became the champion of the South American Cup after defeating São Paulo 2-0 in the final at the Mario Alberto Kempes Stadium in Argentina.

Chilean Champion south america cup In this edition, Matias Fernandez Cordero former player La Carrera Uniontogether with the Independiente del Valle, After Libertadores, Conmebol.

The steering wheel was in the frame at the beginning of the year ‘Grave’ he competed in the same contest but was eliminated, After a controversial match with Brazilian giants Santos.

He was then transferred to Valley Independenthe was crucial in the match to achieve the international championship, so his fortunes changed. sao pauloactively cooperated in his team’s first goal against the cast of Rogerio Seni.

After the victory and coronation, the national team spoke on the following broadcast. ESPN And highlighted the process this year. Won the South American Cup.

In the midfielder’s own words, “Few people can say that they went from elimination to the final. I am very happy because life has given me another chance. ”

“I am proud. He was the only Chilean in the final. It was a very long process, but now I feel happy. I would like to thank my teacher (Martín Anselmi) for giving me confidence and calling me. ” Indian people.

Furthermore, he revealed how they avoided defeat. “Paulista” , he explained: It’s always eleven vs eleven. As a Brazilian, I knew they were very tough rivals, but I think I analyzed them very well and played against them on all fronts. ”

“Independiente del Valle is the whole. thank you for letting me grow But I am also grateful to my former colleagues, the people of La Carrera. She is proud to be with them. ” hold.

The dedication makes the Chilean player the first international player to win The Copa Sudamericana was on the field, becoming the second foreign team to do so.

Now he has to return to Ecuador. tournament in the country plus, We’re looking out the corner of the eye for a potential nomination for Eduardo Bellizzo’s La Roja.

Source: Biobiochile

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