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O’Higgins tied with Ñublense, a huge boon for Colo Colo: Chillanejos walks away from the top



Jubrense has distanced himself from his dreams of taking the title from Coro Coro, equaling O’Higgins de Rancagua in the stadium. CoroCoro could become the national champion against Kurikounid if he wins his UC.

in the National Convention Date N°26 one of the teams looking for a leader, Korokoro And it is the Ñublense received on this day that “Cacique” would like to avoid lowering star number 33 at all costs. O’Higgins From Rancagua to Chillan

with the mission ‘Akaoni’ To win, they faced a mixed cast to continue their chances of snatching the title from Gustavo Quinteros’ team ‘Light blue’ Unbeaten at Nicolas Oyarzun Stadium.

first goal of the match In the 19th minute, after a powerful shot from Alexander Aravena , placed the opening score of the locals. The match referee then pronounced the maximum penalty for the suspected hand in that area. However, it was scrapped due to VAR intervention.

The visitors didn’t dampen the heat in the stadium. Nubrense And before they rested, they put equality on the electronic. After Facundo Barceló scored in the 41st minute, With a strong cross shot that is impossible to save for goalkeeper Nicola Pérez.

already in a complementary stage, Locals went to great lengths to unbalance the light and found the bounty at 74 inches. After the massive leak of Rodrigo Cisterna, nicholas war capitalized and converted the seconds of the team of James Garcia.

controversial banishment

Everything was a joy in Chijan and even more so after the expulsion Diego Gonzalez 90 minutes A powerful tackle on Matthias Pinto.However “State Capo” found equality in commitment after the end goal of Esteban Moreira, match 90+6 minutes.

next duel

In this lottery Korokoro he is happy catholic university In a duel pending date, they will have to face each other in a true final Clicquot Unido if you want to be a national champion .

the next day, Ñublense has to face UC. that day Saturday, October 8, at 3:00 p.m. in the meantime O’Higgins takes action against Union Espanola same day 8:00 p.m., Santa Laura Stadium.

Source: Biobiochile

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