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Medel’s Bologna are tangled at the bottom of the table: they fell to Juventus reacting in Serie A



Gary Medel’s Bologna are struggling in Serie A, one point from direct relegation and 17th place in the Italian first division.

of Juventus Able to escape weeks of oblivion, where he showed his worst version in years, winning comfortably and convincingly. Bologna (3-0) In the hands of Blachovic who finished the game with a goal and an assist.

of “Yube” Playing this Sunday reminded me of the dangerous teams that came out of the stage last season and this season. It was only seen on the first day, 3-0 against Sassuolo.

he did it before Bologna It put him on the run and was a big win for Allegri’s team. Synchronized movement creates space and connects accurately to complete the play.

Allegri bet, play each game like a match ball, A four-man defense with Danilo on the right and Bonucci as the starter in the center of the defense. The double front formed by ; Milik what he has achieved since his arrival and Blahovic Under scrutiny.

rear of “Vecchia Signora” There was perfect understanding between, a solid wall bremmer and bonucci This kept the gate at zero and interrupted the Bolognese attempt.

If there is space behind the visitor defense and gaps between lines, “Yube” It was easy for him to win the meter. Kostic left wing ally.

goal immediately and before the first goal 25 minutes the three protagonists of the attack Youthful They stepped in to make a goal. Milik Steal in the middle, Blahovic Ordered a counterattack and decided to hand over the ball at the right time Kostic who saw the door after the bitten knock.

feelings that come from “Yube” At his stadium it was security. Passes, instructions, decisions, cuts, unchecks…everything worked. But this “Yube” He can no longer trust his senses, he can only trust Markers.

and that’s what it’s for Blahovic , center of youth projects. Having been criticized in recent weeks for an apparent decline in performances, he calmed the criticism with a calming goal in the 59th minute. A header that culminated in another deadly counter caused by a space left by Bologna.

little time to celebrate Milik In shooting, he scored a great goal from the front without letting the ball bounce and joined the ranks. Scorpussi as if Personal revenge for stopping the first act.

reacted to “Yube” After a national team stoppage that seemed to help clear his head, and just before a transcendent match Maccabi Haifa Israel In the Champions League, they are key to maintaining their chances of qualifying for the round of 16 of the continental tournament.

The storm that hit Turin took a breather.Serbian connections between Kostik and Blahovic already bearing fruit, Milik I’ve come to add it. ‘Juve’ reconciles with his win and is placed four days later. Seventh three points behind Europe’s position, reuniting with the game’s positive dynamics Champions League against Maccabi Haifa.

Source: Biobiochile

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