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Cobresal stuns Union Espanola and wins fierce duel at El Cobre Stadium


Cobresal beat Unión Española 2-0 at El Cobre Stadium in El Salvador to take 38 units and place fourth in the tournament. Meanwhile, Unión Española is 10th on his 36 points.

Duel of partner army It was recorded at a game played in a stadium. of copper Cobresal received one directed by Gustavo Canales, Spanish Union.

of “Hispanic” They are Chilean Cup Quarterfinals a sports antofagasta And advanced to the national semi-finals.However, those independence they found a solid defense imposed by The location is El Salvador.

At the start, both teams imposed conditions on the pitch. Union Espanola with good team play, Cobresal with quick transitions trying to catch the retreating “Reds”.

engagement goals

Concave in lawsuit signed Cesar Mander after a violent shot at a location impregnable place For experienced visiting goalkeepers, Miguel Pinto

continue, Gustavo Canal Unleash the players to attack, equality in the light but they were unable to specify their options facing a goal defended by. Leandro Requena And they rested for the benefit of the local population.

Already in the second half, Spanish Union looked to the side and did damage, but dragged behind miner was paying attention to the attack Suggested a local team from Santa Laura Stadium.

in the 50 feet cobresal could have increased the number on the scoreboard after the goal of Francisco Alarcon converted on a header but voided the bill for offside, Leaves the north middle annotation with no effect.

Later in the match, the match referee whistled the penalty. Cobresal in case of failure Guillermo Pacheco and Gaston Lescano The penalty decreed the final 2 to 0 of commitment.

Cobresal’s next duel will face Everton de Vina del Mar that day Sunday, October 9, 8:00 PM in the meantime Spanish Union the action appears before O’Higgins Rancagua on the day Saturday, October 8, 8 p.m., Santa Laura Stadium.

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