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U receives the Audax Italiano in Santa Laura and is given a mission to beat ‘B”s ghost and escape



The duel between the University of Chile and Audax Italiano is scheduled for Monday, October 3 at 6:00 pm at the Santa Laura Stadium.

University of Chile It’s one team you urgently need to add if you want to escape the dreaded relegation place. First B for that purpose, Game 26 a Audax Italian at Santa Laura Stadium.

This should be the game to end the day, national championship we must remember the duel between Korokoro world catholic university Due to an ad and an incident with a fan at “Aregazo” at Monumental Stadium.

new spirit blues

Bruce must win, but because he took over Interim Manager Sebastian Miranda they know the delightful taste of victory and have two commitments in the new air. “B” ghost.

in previous wins Palestinians at national convention And in the first leg of the quarter-finals Chili Cup vs UC the romantic traveler arrives in a different spirit, “Italic”.

Aim for the top ranking

As part of that, a painting that acts locally at the stadium Audax city in Italy, Florida want to continue the position of international cup. they are now 6th place with 37 units and looking to top the table.

they arrive to confront the blues After 2 wins and 1 draw try to sink you We are at the bottom of the table and go up the stairs. To win They jump to 4th place in the standings.

A duel is agreed for the day Monday, October 3rd at 6pm at Santa Laura Stadium.

Source: Biobiochile

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