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Felicevic speaks out after controversy over Mineduk’s book: ‘They never invited us again’


Fernando Felicevic, through his agency, has responded to accusations against him of allegedly depriving members of the Golden Generation from participating in the book Heroes and Legends of Chilean Sport.

some replicas have books “Heroes and Legends of Chilean Sports” issued by Marcelo Simonetti ,here Our country’s achievements and greatest athletes Symbolic characters such as , Alexis Sanchez, Arturo Vidal, Gary Medel.

In fact, one page of the document states: “They didn’t want to be enlightened” which resulted in comments and releases from those involved with the book.

much has been speculated Fernando Felicevic robbed the iconic player golden age participate. Well, from around the representative, there were voices denying the rumors after that. publication of the work.

from agency vibe marketing in response to the accusations against the agent, pointed out: “We never ask for money. They invited our agent to participate in the publisher’s commercial project in 2017. It has nothing to do with the Ministry of Education each book costs 11,900 pesos.

“Nothing is free for children, and as we will see in 5 years, they never invited us back Mineduc bought 100,000 books from them, ”they indicated.

Not only did they mention it, they also claimed: “It’s a far cry from being told that a publisher who makes a book for commercial purposes isn’t interested in participating.” (without denying them the option of doing the same), demanding money from the Ministry of Education to make a book about children.

Furthermore, they 3 players of red It is written in books and recognized by our youth and children. In this regard they state: “Arthur, Gary, Alexis especially these three players have always been tied to their origins and their children. Hundreds of initiatives.

“Often these initiatives are based on their requests. And they don’t appear in the media.characters like Galero They will discredit journalism more than ever before,” they concluded.

Source: Biobiochile



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