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U lose historic record in South American Cup: Independiente del Valle replaces it



Independiente del Valle were Copa Sudamericana champions with a record of 90.5%, surpassing the 88.9% achieved by Universidad de Chile in 2011.

More than 11 years have passed since its release historic achievement what did you do Jorge Sampaoli and his University of Chile by becoming South American Cup Winner A year 2011, against the University Sports League of Quito.

But records are meant to be broken Valley Independent He did it with the brand that Bruce installed.

ecuadorian box Consecrated Champion of the final version of the cup, the second most important at the level of South American club and did so after winning the final sao paulowith excellent performance of 90.5%, a little more than the title-marked La U, supplanted by “Matagigantes” at 88.9%.

Along with this University of Chile Despite being relegated to second place among the best champion teams in the Copa Sudamericana, The 2011 contest format changed today.

Valley Independent Reached this edition of the tournament after placing 3rd in his group Libertadores Cup direct access to round 16 play total only 7 games.

As part of that, the cast of sampaoli Fight from the first phase, total 12 duels consecrate itself as undefeated champion after calling with Uruguay’s Phoenix and Brazil’s Vasco da Gama.

Source: Biobiochile

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