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River fans outraged by Solari’s poor performance: ‘It was always a lie’



River Plate fans were a tailspin over the poor performance of former ColoColo Pablo Solari, who began his stay in the ‘Millionaire’ with 7 goals in 8 games, but his football level has since improved. is declining.

Pablo Solari was a ‘gem’ Korokoro Staying in Chile.saved them rejected in the previous duel University of Concepcion and from there it was props and daggers for attacks Gustavo Quinteros

his play reached Argentina Where river plate He caught his eye on the Andean youth who was shining in the world. Chilean soccer. Thus, Solari set out toward the box ‘Millionaire’ It started off good, but has diluted over time.

The frame is actually “Blood Gang” , not experience a good football moment.accustomed to being on top argentinian league now they’re tangled in the middle of the table and the fans are starting to lose patience And the target of criticism was a former CoroCoro youth.

in the final duel River match against Argentine Juniors they won 3 to 0 but solari it didn’t matter won and substituted at half-time The decision of Marcelo Gallardo.

for that reason, A big fan of Argentina’s giant team They didn’t hesitate to reflect on football’s downturn. Paul Solari.

Here are some of the comments made to the 21-year-old striker: “Solari Unrecognizable Since Injury” , “It’s always been a lie, only now it’s unsustainable” world “Solari was sold as a reincarnation of Aimar”

The unfortunate situation experienced by a player traveling across the Andes, when he arrives river plate ,signed Exceptional start with 7 goals in 8 duels this is their 0 goals in the last 7 games.

now he ‘child’ When confronted they will make a new promise to shut their mouths and smile again on Argentinean soil. silver pupil of Wednesday, October 5, 9:30 p.m.

Source: Biobiochile

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