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Juan Tagre denies the influence of ANFP after pause the duel with Korokoro: “It’s ridiculous.”



Juan Tagre, Chairman of the University of Catholica, used the club’s official account to convey his views on the match between Chile University and Korokoro.

President crossed after the collapse of the advertising structure in the “Harange” at the monumental stadium on Friday, after the match between Korokoro and the University of Catholica was interrupted. John Tagle He denied that he had put pressure on the decision, and guarantee that it was news through the media.

Despite the fact that the decision to postpone the decisive duel this Tuesday was made by the Safe Stadium, social networks refused to resolution from the authorities and pointed out that they would have an influence within the board. I did not forgive the Precor Dillerano team. ANFP director.

For this reason, the boss of Las Condess’s cast denied these rumors using the club’s official channel and explained in detail his version of events.

“The amount of lies that came out, such as the influence of the game from being played, is ridiculous.” “UC” I started by emphasizing the leader in the video posted on the YouTube account.

He denied that he had been killed on the campus and pointed out the information he asked for Gary Cagger Mach and Fernando Zampedori for the confrontation with Kasik. “The team was ready to concentrate on playing. It was a classic that both teams played importantly. I knew in the media.” .

Tagre also had a word that mentions the “flare attack” worth the accusation of the goalkeeper of Chilean University. Martin Para In the second round of the Kopachiiri Round 16, the continuation of the game was hindered, and the affected person left acoustic trauma.

“I don’t intend to continue the guerrilla with Chile University. The truth is that violence issues will affect us.” Lawyer also pointed out.

In addition, he added as follows. “I don’t think there is enough problems with regard to concerns about Martin Para’s issues. I went to the Changing room of U from the beginning and talked to the medical staff. I am at the Board of Directors. I personally talked to some members and asked for the president who did not come out in the dressing room. We stayed until the player was transported by ambulance. ” .

Before the end, the President of the Catholic University re -left a message to the government authorities and requested the soccer stadium indirectly, not directly.

“This is a problem that goes beyond us as an individual club and as a soccer industry. We know that we have criticized and made mistakes, but as a Catholic university and the industry. You can never confront this violence tragedy that affects you alone. ” was sentenced.

Source: Biobiochile

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