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Officials defend Colo Colo vs. Católica suspension, respond to ‘Cacique’ claims



The Chilean football authorities have decided and ratified the commitment between Colo Colo and Universidad Católica scheduled for Tuesday 4 October at 7pm.

After stopping the duel Korokoro world catholic university On Sunday, due to an incident carried out by a fan of “Kashik” in Harange, part of the promotion for Cordillera Sector .

So the match was rescheduled for this Tuesday, October 4, 7:00 p.m. As reported by Safe Stadium and ANFP.

In today’s session shared the decision decisions about the entities they watch Good performance of Chilean football.

RM Delegate

The first thing I said was Constanza Martinez metropolitan area told the media: “We believe that we must deepen our public and private work This allows us to collaborate and anticipate certain things Ability to handle dangerous situations and respond appropriately. ”

Later, he answered a question as to why the piece was ready on Saturday afternoon at the Monumental Stadium but not played on Sunday. In this regard, a regional representative commented as follows: “Friday afternoon we had PDI skills to identify responsible people.”

“Our team has been working all weekend. The repairs are finally finished. It’s 9pm on a Saturday and we weren’t able to test. because it needed sunlight to be able to validate. I decided it was irresponsible to make a decision that day. ” he indicated.

Finally, I stressed that the main thing is security inside and outside the stadium. As such, he expressed: “We always put people’s health and safety first. We will work together to ensure that It is our commitment to achieve this without impacting people. ”

safe stadium

Also voiced was Safe Stadium, Pamela Venegas , referring to the deliberation of the permit. In a dialogue he said: Options have been decided that this duel could take place this Tuesday, October 4th at 7pm.

“This is because work on the stadium has already been completed and after a review we realized that the match could take place as soon as possible. We have always had the temperament to make sure this is resolved as soon as possible, but most importantly it is always the people.” hold.

Furthermore, he emphasized that: “What happened on Friday was very serious and required careful time. Evaluating it in daylight, that’s what has been checked so far, hence the decision. ”

“There will be 40,000 And since it’s a classic and, above all, a capacity-free game, there are already additional measures for commitment. There will be a review, closure of surrounding streets and a triple check by the hosting club.” was sentenced.

Source: Biobiochile

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