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Dep. Antofagasta kicked out of Calvo and Vascuñan stadiums: club accuses kidnapping of workers



Complex panorama of Deportes Antofagasta. Mayor Jonathan Velázquez accuses the club of owing the municipality more than his P200 million.

conflict leading to Mayor of Antofagasta , Jonathan Velazquez photo with “Cougar” local people Calvo and Vascuñan Stadium. City bosses came to the venue and kicked out the National Club employees who were there.

All this as a result of the alleged debts accused by the mayor sports antofagasta accumulate delinquency that rises in 200 million pesos electricity, water, use of training field, facility concept within Redoubt.

Additionally, the mayor announced: they don’t promote the stadium for competing teams PalestinianDuel Enabled Date No. 27 of the national championship.

In a conversation with national media, Jonathan Velázquez pointed out: “They will not be able to use the dependency any more. You have set a lock. I don’t think justice obliges us to We lease municipal locations that are ours.

“We have reached an agreement, At my office, they told me they had taken out the laundry and everything else. Now I’m gone and everything is installed. If you’re lying, I don’t think you need to believe it. ” said the mayor.

Not only was there, he stressed that the debt came from years ago. On this point he explained: “They say they will pay from 2015, but we are in 2022. And they aren’t paying any weight. we’re not going to believe them in 5 more days when teams play.

Antofagasta Sport Response

Matters escalated to the level of clubs responding to what the mayor did Jonathan Velazquez they say they will bring him to justice of course ‘Kidnapped’ of workers inside the stadium.

Communication department sports antofagasta Revealed: “In an unprecedented event, Mr. Mayor kidnapped the club officers at the facility. At this time the carabinero comes formalize the complaint.

A complex panorama undoubtedly faced by the team “Albiceleste” who Bottom, direct relegation zone And that they urgently need to start adding “B” ghost.

Now we have to wait for the authorities to respond It helps clarify the issues facing the mayor of Antofagasta and the clubs that represent the city.

Source: Biobiochile

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