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CECILIA Pérez reconfirms that ANFP supports UC: “It’s public knowledge.”



Cecilia Peréz, Vice President of Azul Azul, made a voice after ANFP has decided to play the remaining 85 minutes of the university classic.

The controversy continues after re -scheduling the duel between U and UC. And despite the aggression of Martin Para by some “Crusade” fans of ANFP He decided to play the rest of the university classic.

Based on this, the vice president of Azul Azul is Cecilia Perez I talked to Radio Agriculture and talked about this situation.

beginning, Former Minister of Sports accused the U.S. Professional Soccer Association for election purposes. “The list is registered at the end of October and there are elections in November. There is no doubt that there will be political benefits. Paul Mirad

In addition, she emphasized and claimed as follows. ANFP has supported the University of Catholica on various occasions At least this year I was in U. ”

Similarly, Perez was quite dissatisfied with the option to play the second leg of the quarterfinals. Chili Cup. “We were victims, so the principle of sports justice was infringed. But in this decision, we will be sacrificed again with this unfair decision ”.

He also mentioned the decision in the second room of Anfp Disciplinary Court to play the confrontation with the Audax Italiano.

“People accept the decision, but that doesn’t mean they don’t care. In the face of the same fact, UC is ordered not to innovate, and it understands that it causes a criminal attack on Martín Parra. I haven’t done it, “he concluded.

Source: Biobiochile

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