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Journalists explode against Simone Inzaghi, reminding us of Chileans Arturo Vidal and Alexis Sanchez



Italian journalist Riccardo Trevisani unloaded after sending an acid dart against Simone Inzaghi for Inter Milan’s bad moment in the middle of the table in Serie A, with Chilean Arturo Vidal It reminded me of Alexis Sanchez.

The team that is not feeling well right now inter de milan9th place team series and you didn’t have it A season exactly as they envisioned it in the transfer market.

After player update separated from various elements among them Chilean Arturo Vidal and Alexis Sanchez .

From bad results, the coach of “Nerazzurri” , Simone Inzaghi full of criticism about the bad times they are going through.

The journalist, who defended nothing against the Italians, Ricardo Trevisani sent a strong message to technical effectively discarded two symbols of the Golden Age red.

A European boot communicator first said: “After 14 months at Inzaghi, Inter are poorer than ever. The game and the stats say so!”

“The team has clearly replaced an older player. Alexis Sanchez and Arturo Vidal When Henrik Mkhitaryan and Romelu Lukaku. We cannot say that this situation is alarming. Of great importance was the departure of Ivan Perisic. but Intel did everything possible to keep it,” he said.

He then questioned which team Simone will present this season and said: “Is it Intel that they told us last year? or should be considered the team that won two trophies against Juventus, the worst of the decade Lost the Scudetto, the frontrunner?

he remembered a few minutes of vidal

He continued to throw darts against DT, but reminded and emphasized that the Chilean national team had left. “Last year, I watched Vidal play for half an hour and was noticed on the pitch. This half hour was Asllani’s 9 games played the day before yesterday. Perhaps there are younger/older admins in Inzaghi who are less meritocratic. ”

“Do you want to laugh and say that yesterday’s me didn’t deserve to lose? Ok, he didn’t deserve it, but he lost every game he played against a decent team on the field. So do we laugh about it? “, he added.

Finally, he completed his strong statement against Inzaghi, stating, “If there was an alternative coach that I consider acceptable, In my irreversible situation I replace it with: Once things are broken, you can’t fix them. ”

“After 14 months at Inzaghi, Inter are poorer than ever. It’s on the ground and the statistics say so.” Finished.

Simone Inzaghi Disclaimer

DT after a dagger thrown by Ricardo Trevisani “Lombard” He responded in defense, commenting: “I went and it showed me more income, less debt, and more titles.”

This phrase rejected by pClub resident Steven Chang When intel found ccomplicated financial situation and with rumors about Sale of new property.

Source: Biobiochile

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