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Cristobal Campos shoots in network against VAR in showdown Universidad de Chile-Audax: ‘Unbelievable’



Cristóbal Campos openly criticized VAR for their actions in the U’s defeat to Audax, especially for the play that ended in a colonial penalty.

University of Chile goalkeeper Cristóbal Campos Shot against VAR At the Santa Laura Stadium on Day 26 of the National Championship after the Blue Boxes lost 2-3 to Audax Italiano.

A setback that prevented the college cast from leaving the bottom and compromising the standings. He finished 13th with 26 points, They are just three men ahead of the first team in the direct relegation zone, Deportes Antofagasta.

The U won the duel into the second period 2-1, but those of Colonia ended up turning the score around. Two much-discussed goals among Sebastian Miranda’s students .

Blue players argued mainly and fiercely Penalty in favor of Audinos after goalkeeper Cristobal Campos infringed on Michael Fuentes .

This situation was commented on by the University of Chile goalkeeper.on social networks Released several images blaming the violation by Fuentes before the collision with the visiting player .

that side, instagram stories Tabata The photo shows how the Italian attacker entered hard with his foot towards the ankle and how the area was left (injured) .

From that play, Jorge Henriquez scored an 80th-minute penalty to give Juan Jose Rivera’s side the victory. .

Image published by Young Blue Goalkeeper

I’m @Cris1obal
I’m @Cris1obal

Source: Biobiochile

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