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“You think I’m calling him a bad Clio?”: U accuses Judge Hermosilla of insulting her after falling out with Audax.


The U hit back after their loss to Audax Italiano in Santa Laura, accusing referee Angelo Hermosilla of treating them as ‘bad culiaos’.

University of Chile I had 2-3 falls that were painful Odax Italian This Monday, in a match corresponding to date 26 national championship And it kept the Blues three points out of the relegation zone.

The meeting was marked by the intervention of VAR consulted by the judge Angelo Hermosilla Eliminate a violation in the colony box’s second goal. And when the third goal was penalized, the anger of the La Wu players exploded in the final stages.

And that after the referee’s whistle, some members of the Blue Campus reprimanded the judge and defended his charges, which in the long run meant another setback for the students. is.

As captured by the TNT sports camera, Felipe Seymour accused Luis Felipe Gallegos of whistling insults “Do you think it’s okay for me to call a player a bad ass?” the midfielder insisted.

Another person who was very upset was Ronnie Fernandes one of the lowest points in the match along with goalkeeper Cristo Vulcampos.

“We changed the standard twice, but if there is a standard, that’s fine. We got two slaps and didn’t even check,” asked the forward.

Sebastian Miranda admits to insulting La U

After the game, the coach Sebastian Miranda also criticized the work of Angelo Hermosilla confirmed Whistler’s insult to the player.

“What bothers me is that he verbally attacks my player, Felipe Gallegos. He said, ‘Keep quiet.’

“It’s a bad omen for the referee to be the star. Obviously, especially in the goal (second), they question me about the charge. For me it’s a foul and I have a clear image. And, Even more so if you review it…I think the circumstances justify invalidation, but I don’t understand what you don’t see,” DT added.

finally, Louis Philippe Gallegos He also mentioned insults from Hermosira.

“Yes, I’m sorry. I don’t like talking about these topics. Unfortunately, in all the years I’ve been pro, not once has a referee insulted me. ”

The truth is that Universidad de Chile lost again. By date 27 of the contest, a pivotal duel takes place in the fight for permanence against Deportes La Serena.

The ‘Papayeros’ are penultimate with 24 points, one point from the relegation zone, just two units below the Blues.

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