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Fernando Diaz explodes and declares he would have ‘protected’ the Coquimbo player ‘if he could’



Fernando Diaz explodes against his own players for not performing their respective missions on the field. He has just four days left to avoid relegation to Primera B.

Teams that have not performed well in national competitions United Coquimbobeing cast Last place in Chile and what remains There is little chance of saving categories.

in the final duel “Pirate” was defeated by La Carrera Union 2-0, Coquimbo were seen without lights and lost on the field Nicholas Chauan Nazar Municipal Stadium.

After his team’s new fall, the coach Fernando Diaz exploded against his own player for bad level It was proven on the field last Friday.

actually, “Nano” Diaz Arrive at the “Aurinegro” square with the mission of save them from the descent, However, since their arrival, they have not been able to overcome a bad course in the semester. Escape from the terrifying ghosts of “B”.

Former player told local media Coquimbo Region , he started making harsh comments about his team. In a dialogue he said: “If you want to get out of relegation, don’t make the mistakes we made.”

“Each of us had a mission in the field, and we weren’t able to fulfill it. Especially the first 20 minutes was a good rival, But he benefited from our confusion.” he indicated.

This is also how he declared the premise of his game to always mention his players before jumping onto the pitch. please give me. You have to play as a team in a team like ours that isn’t worth breaking the balance not each player goes to his pint.

But some sayings that certainly caused controversy were the ones he outlined when assuming he really was “Damn, I’m upset Depends on how it was played rather than the result. A childish mistake is made by not sending a containment to mark the rival central defender. ”

“If I could have covered someone at the end of the first half, I would have covered them, I’m still hot.” hills.

Complex Moments to Live in Photos Coquimbo who left Four dates that all need to add up to break out of the relegation zone.

The next duel that should know the taste of victory, Huachipatothat day Friday, October 7th at 7pm at CAP Stadium in Talcahuano.

Source: Biobiochile

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