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A rare image: Velez has to face Banfield, who has a huge stage on one of the arches.


Vélez Sarsfield’s José Amalfitani stadium has a huge stage attached to one of the venue’s arches and today sees Argentine League action between ‘Fortín’ and Banfield.

of stadiums have unique images registered beres sarsfield, Joseph Amalfitani after presenting the stage behind either Argentinian Enclosure Arch.

this is, lineman becomes a redoubt that hosts duels between ‘fort’ world banfieldtoday at 9:30 PM

However, the commitment give a picture of the story behind one of the stadium arches, so huge stage because you’re an artist Puerto Rico, Daddy Yankee, Last weekend we had two concerts and the singer will occupy this Thursday Duki from Argentina.

from music event producer they ran out of time to break down the structure it is attached to one of the bow A rug picker from that country will appear in a few days, so It was decided to keep.

According to Argentine media sources, Hey, So that there is no problem in your scenario, they put a mat on the bottom to prevent metal crush player Or another problem occurs.

commission it Velez not fun football since it is the penultimate argentinian league If you don’t want to lose categories, you should start adding them.duel against ‘Drill’ starting from approx. 9:30 pm

Source: Biobiochile



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