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One step closer to the title: What does CoroCoro need to be champions to face Curico Unido on the 27th?


After a scoreless draw with Universidad Católica, CoroColo have an option to become champions against Curico Unido. What does Arbos need?

Korokoro no score against catholic university in the postponed Clásico of the 26th national championship.

As a result of leaving Arbos in first place with 55 points, Lead 9 units of Kurikou Unido Escort To be exact, his next rival.

The cast of ‘Cacique’ and Maure will measure their strength this Sunday, October 9th, and if there is a result, Gustavo Quinteros’ team will drop 33 stars and shout champions.

What does CoroCoro need to become champion against Curico Unido? Very Easy: Win .

If they beat the ‘torteros’ by the 27th, ‘Cacique’ will add 58 points, increasing their advantage over Damien Munoz to 12.

In the event of a tie, the nine-point difference would be maintained and the title fight would be extended by at least another week.

Finally, Klycanos’ victory at the Monumental Stadium cuts the distance to just six points, making the definition of Huemul de Plata ‘spicy’.

Things to remember “Cacique” and Curicó Unido will collide on Sunday, October 9th at 5:30pm. .

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